Amherst-Pelham Regional School District

                                                                        District Curriculum Overview


       Subject: English                                                Course: English Language Arts                           Grade Level: Seventh

Concepts/Enduring Understandings/Themes


Unit Content/Skills

Essential Activities/Agreements

Discovering your identity is a healthy, positive, and necessary part of the journey to adulthood.


§         Characteristics of Fiction

§         Use comprehension strategies to understand and connect to literature

§         Critical thinking and analyzing literature thematically

§         Writing process

§         Reflective writing

§         Writing to analyze, inform and explain

§         Interview skills

§         Cooperation and group work

§         Vocabulary in context

§         Grammar in context

Core texts:

An Island Like You –Judith Ortiz Cofer

A Suitcase of Seaweed – Janet Wong


Writing Agreements:


Identity Poem

Analytical paragraph/s

The setting (environment and culture) and the individual are in constant interaction. This dynamic relationship results in positive and negative change in both the character and the setting.

Character and Environment

Literature Circle

§         Identify paragraph structure, details and transitions

§         Using text references to support your ideas

§         Work as a community in literature circles: read, cooperate, share, discuss, thoughtfully complete work

§         Understanding complexities and interaction of setting and character

§         Understand writing and reading from a different point of view; empathy

§         Be able to use paragraph structure and story elements

§         Writing Process

§         Reflective writing

§         Literature in cultural context

§         Grammar in context

§         Writing to analyze, inform, and explain

§         Creative and descriptive writing

Book Agreements:

1 or more Character and Environment Lit Circle books



§         Know and identify the elements of poetry: figurative language, sound, graphics

Writing Agreements:

Original poems

Seeing things through someone else’s eyes helps us to understand differences and to be better world citizens.  Differences are valuable. Variation is strength.

Humans have more commonalities than differences.

Understanding Differences

Literature Circle

§         Understand point of view in literature and writing

§         Identify own perspective as reader

§         Analyze literature thematically

§         Formal discussion skills

§         Reflective writing

§         Grammar in context

§         Writing to analyze, inform, and explain

§         Writing Process

§         Creative writing

Book Agreements:

1 or more Understanding Differences Lit Circle books


Writing Agreements:

Analytical Essay

Creative Point of View assignment

All cultures have used mythology to explain and justify how the human and natural worlds came to be.  Mythology that endures is literature that offers deeper insight into human nature.

World Mythology

§         Understand the purpose of creation mythology as well as the similarities and differences in myths across cultures

§         Characteristics of mythology

§         Identify the symbols

§         Students will be able to make connections between mythology and the modern world

§         Literature’s cultural and historical context

§         Writing Process

§         Creative myth writing

Core texts:

World Myths and Folktales (Holt)

How the World Began: Creation in Myths and Legends by Gilly Cameron-Cooper

Writing Agreements:

Original creation myth