Policy ADD: Safety and Well-Being

  The School District and the School Committee seek to create anenvironment that achieves equity for all students and ensures that eachstudent is a successful learner, is fully respected, and learns torespect others. By building on strengths and overcoming impediments,the schools can ensure the academic engagement and school membership ofevery student from the moment she/he enrolls to the moment she/he walksacross the stage at graduation.

Respect, fairness, consistency, responsibility, and appropriate socialskills are essential components of our schools. Every effort, bothformal and informal, that supports these values and social skills willpromote a positive learning environment, increase a climate ofacceptance, and improve the quality of relationships among and betweenstudents and adults.

Mechanisms and procedures must be in place in every school and in everyclassroom not only to ensure the physical, social, and emotional safetyof students, but also to provide the supports and advocacy necessaryfor students. The need for safety, well-being, support, and advocacyapplies to the general student body, to victims, and to allegedoffenders. All members of the school community need clear expectations,reasonable limits, and established structures and procedures to ensuresafety and to protect the rights of all.

All members of the school community must be aware of school rules.Non-compliance with any of these rules will lead to appropriateconsequences.

The School Committee expects prevention and responsiveness on allissues of safety and well-being to be high priorities in the districtand schools. Every student will report to an adult concerns abouthis/her safety and well-being or concerns about the safety andwell-being of others. All adults in the school community will betrained in their responsibilities as First Responder to student reports,and every school will have clearly identified and trained SecondResponders providing support for First Responders. All reports fromstudents or adults regarding issues of safety and well-being will behandled objectively.

The School Committee directs the Superintendent to develop guidelinesfor the implementation of this policy and to publish these districtguidelines in the appropriate handbooks. Building principals mayestablish specific protocols related to these district guidelines.

Region Voted to Approve: 11/20/07
Amherst Voted to Approve: 12/11/07
Pelham Voted to Approve: 1/03/08
Effective Date: 1/03/08