Policy BBBE: Unexpired Term Fulfillment

When a vacancy on the Amherst or Pelham School Committees occurs forany reason, the Board of Selectmen and the remaining members of theCommittee of the appropriate town share the responsibility for fillingit.

As provided in the law, the School Committee will notify the Selectmenthat a vacancy has been created within 30 days after it has occurred.After one week’s notice has been given by the Committee to theSelectmen, so that voters of the town may have the opportunity to statetheir candidacy, the two governing bodies will meet to fill the vacancyby roll call vote.

For election to fill a vacancy, a candidate must receive a majority ofthe votes of the officers entitled to vote. The person so elected willfill the seat on the Committee until the next town election, at whichtime a member will be elected to serve the remainder of the term, ifany. If the vacancy in the town School Committee also causes a vacancyto occur on the Regional School Committee, once the vacancy is filledthe town School Committee will designate a member to fill the RegionalSchool Committee vacancy from that town.


MGL 41:11

Region Voted to Approve: 
Amherst Voted to Approve: 12/14/82; Reviewed with no Changes: 3/8/16
Pelham Voted to Approve: 12/7/82
Effective Date: 12/82