Policy BEE: Procedures for Conducting Hearings and Public Forums

In conducting all public hearings required by law, and other publicforums on specific topics as it deems advisable, the School Committeewill:

  • Give due and public notice in line with statutory requirements and seek to publicize the meeting in all local media.

  • Make available printed information on the topic of the hearing when appropriate.

  • Give all persons an equal opportunity to be heard in accordance with the Committee’s policy.

  • The Chair of the Committee will preside at the hearing. A quorum ofthe School Committee will be in attendance. A hearing or public forummay be scheduled as a special School Committee meeting or as part of aregular School Committee meeting.

    The public will be informed at the beginning of the hearing of theparticular procedure that will be followed in regard to questions,comments, and any time limitations or other rules that must be followedto.

    In conformance with customary hearing procedures, statements andsupporting information will be presented first by the Committee, or byothers for the Committee; to comment, citizens must be recognized by theChair, and all questions and comments must be addressed to the Chairand be germane to the topic. The Chair will recognize persons who havenot commented previously during the hearing before recognizing personswho wish to speak a second time.

    Annual Budget Hearing:

    The School Committee recognizes its duty and legal obligation to hold an annual budget hearing (see policy BEEA).The annual budget hearing may be included as part of a regular SchoolCommittee meeting or held separately as a special meeting of the SchoolCommittee as determined by the School Committee.

    Notice of the budget hearing, including date, time, and place, aswell as the places where copies of the budget will be available forexamination by interested citizens, will be publicized at least 7 daysin advance through regular publicity channels, including newspapers anddistrict websites.

    Public Forums:

    At its discretion, the School Committee may schedule public forumsfor broader dialogue with the community on one specific issue or for thepurpose of receiving extended public comment on topics of high publicinterest or concern.

    Notice of the public forum, including date, time, and place shall bepublicized in advance through regular publicity channels, includingnewspapers and district websites.


    MGL 30A:18 , 30A:20, 30A:21, 30A:22 , 71:38N , 603 CMR 41.05

    Region Voted to Approve: 12/2/08
    Amherst Voted to Approve: 12/2/08
    Pelham Voted to Approve: 12/4/08
    Effective Date: 12/4/08