Policy BID: School Committee Member Compensation and Expenses

The School Committee members will serve without financial compensation.

No member of a School Committee in any town will be eligible for theposition of teacher or Superintendent of Public Schools in that town, orin any Union school or Superintendency Union or District in whichhis/her town participates.

Upon submitting vouchers and supporting bills for expenses incurredin carrying out specific services previously authorized by the SchoolCommittee, members may be reimbursed from school funds.

Reimbursable expenses may include the cost of attendance at newmember orientation sessions, conferences of School Committeeassociations, and other professional meetings or visitations when suchattendance and expense payment has had prior School Committee approval.


MGL  40:571:52

Region Voted to Approve: 12/07/11
Amherst Voted to Approve:
Pelham Voted to Approve: