Policy DJ: Purchasing

A. The Director of Finance and Operations, acting in the capacity ofpurchasing agent, has been given the responsibility for all purchasing.

B. The Director of Finance and Operations will act as the agent ofthe School Committees for the purpose of making the necessary anddesirable purchases by, for, or in the interest of the SchoolCommittees.

C. The Director of Finance and Operations may delegate authority forall or part of the functions of purchasing agent to such person, orpersons, as may be required to conduct efficiently the business of thatoffice, and all such persons will be directly responsible to theDirector of Finance and Operations for the performance of those duties.

D. The Director of Finance and Operations will establish, implementand enforce such rules, regulations and procedures as may be necessaryto maintain an effective and efficient contractual purchasing system andlegal process.

E. The Director of Finance and Operations will maintain a system forcommunicating both process and systems requirements to the appropriatelevels or organization which shall be by, but not limited to, anestablished Purchasing Manual.

F. The Director of Finance and Operations will establish and enforce an effective System of Financial Internal Controls.

G. Any purchases made without a pre-approved purchase order willbecome the responsibility of the individual making the purchase.

H. All employees of the School Districts are subject to thepolicies and the established rules, regulations and procedureswhich will govern purchasing.


MGL 7:22A , 7:22B , 30B, 71:49A

Region Voted to Approve: 4/29/08
Amherst Voted to Approve: 5/20/08
Pelham Voted to Approve: 6/17/08
Effective Date: 6/17/08