Policy HE: School Committee Negotiating Powers and Duties

Nothing in any collective bargaining agreement between theAmherst-Pelham Regional School Committee and a recognized bargainingagent for an appropriate unit of employees shall be deemed to derogatefrom or impair any power, right or duty possessed by the Amherst,Pelham, or Regional School Committees, except where such right, power orduty is specifically limited by a legally valid provision of acollective bargaining agreement.

In the event of a conflict between the provisions of a collectivebargaining agreement and any policy or procedure set forth in the PolicyManual, then said collective bargaining agreement will prevail to theextent permitted by relevant laws.

It is expressly understood that no School Committee member other thanthe Regional School Committee Chair (or his/her designee) will make anystatements or issue any press releases in regard to negotiations.  TheChair and the Superintendent (or his/her designee) are authorized tomake joint statements that they deem to be in the best interests of theCommittee.  In the absence of the Chair, the Superintendent (or his/herdesignee) may operate under this authorization.


MGL 150E:1, 150E:2, 150E:3, 150E:4, 150E:5, 150E:6, 150E:7, 150E:8, 150E:9, 150E:10, 150E:11, 150E:12, 150E:13, 150E:14,150E:15

 Region Voted to Approve: 9/27/11
Amherst Voted to Approve:
Pelham Voted to Approve:
Effective Date: