Policy JRA: Student Records

In order to provide students with appropriate instruction andeducational services, it is necessary for the school system to maintainextensive and sometimes personal information about them and theirfamilies. It is essential that pertinent information in these recordsbe readily available to appropriate school personnel, be accessible tothe student’s parents/guardians and/or the student in accordance withlaw, yet be guarded as confidential information.

The Superintendent will provide for the proper administration ofstudent records in keeping with state and federal requirements. To theextent required by applicable law, the schools will provideparents/guardians/eligible students (age 14 or in the ninth grade,whichever comes first) with an annual notice of their rights relative tostudent records. The Superintendent or his/her designee will determinethe content and method of the annual notice.

The student record consists of the “transcript” and the “temporaryrecord.” The temporary record contains the information important to theeducational process which is not included on a student’s transcript.Parents/guardians/eligible students have the right to access the studentrecord, have the right to add information to the student record, andhave the right to request an amendment to the student record.

The student’s record is available to school contracted personnel whowork with the student in an administrative, teaching, counseling and/ordiagnostic capacity, and to administrative office staff and clericalpersonnel without requiring consent by the parent/guardian/eligiblestudent. FERPA and state regulations specify to which other parties andunder what conditions the schools are allowed to disclose studentrecords without written permission from the parent/guardian/eligiblestudent.

The student’s transcript may only be destroyed 60 years followinghis/her graduation, transfer, or withdrawal from the school system.

The temporary record of each student will be destroyed no later thanseven years after the student transfers, graduates or withdraws from theschool district. Written notice to the eligible student and his/herparent of the approximate date of destruction of the temporary recordand their right to receive the information in whole or in part, shall bemade at the time of such transfer, graduation, or withdrawal.

A non-custodial parent’s right to access student records is covered in Policy KBBA (formerly 400.14).

As permitted by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)and the Massachusetts Student Records Regulations, the School Districtdesignates certain student information as “directory information.”Those items of information may be disclosed for any purpose at thediscretion of the school system, without consent of the parent/guardianof a student or of an eligible student. Parents/guardians and eligiblestudents have the right to request that the school not disclose specificdirectory information about the student.


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Policy KBBA

Region Voted to Approve: 2/06/07
Amherst Voted to Approve: 8/13/07
Pelham Voted to Approve: 1/03/08
Effective Date: 1/03/08