Subcommittee: School Equity Task Force (SETF)


  • We must ensure equity if we want to enjoy equality.

  • The systemic way social injustice has been perpetuated will take steady, intentional work to undo.
  • We must increase the opportunities for input of members of our school community to create an inclusive school district.
  • Learn about, respect, and reflect the culture of the different communities in our region.


The Equity TaskForce's Charge is as follows:The ETF will help theAmherst-Pelham Regional Schools to provide all students an innovative andacademically exceptional education in an environment that embraces racial,cultural, and socio-economic diversity and where the educational workforce ofour schools proportionately reflect, as closely as reasonably possible, thediversity of the school district as a whole. This educational experience andenvironment must include facilities and other human and capital resources thatare equitable to support the district’s mission of Excellence in Teaching andLearning for All. The ETF will study and make recommendations for short- andlong-range actions concerning but not limited to the following:• developing a schoolclimate founded upon mutual respect• addressingdiscipline issues, especially racial/ethnic and socioeconomicdisparities• other equity issuesrelated to achieving the Amherst Regional High School’s Core Values and Beliefsof “High Achievement, Best Practices, and Social Justice”To achieve this wehave launched three working groups: 1.  Culture,Community & School Climate 2.  Discipline &Development  3.  Excellence &Equity


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