Congratulations to Seo-Ho Lee

Congratulations to Seo-Ho Lee, Junior at Amherst Regional High School 

Seo-Ho Lee is one of the winners for her project "An Ultrasonic Device for the Enrichment of Circulating Tumor Cells" submitted to the MIT THINK Scholars Program last year. THINK is a science, research, and innovation competition for high school students. High school students generate exciting STEM research ideas to submit to the competition.

This is the link to the MIT Think Scholars Program. 

Follow the link and scroll down to "Last Years' Winners" and select her project entitled "An Ultrasonic Device for the Enrichment of Circulating Tumor Cells."


Project Description -- With 90% of all cancer deaths associated with metastasis, being able to detect and prevent it as soon as possible can drastically improve patient outcomes. To address the challenges of detecting and isolating circulating tumor cells in the bloodstream, I propose a circulating tumor cell-enrichment device consisting primarily of a piezoelectric transducer that optimally amplifies size, shape, or stiffness differences between circulating tumor cells and leukocytes. Its purpose is to enrich circulating tumor cell concentration so isolation methods are more successful and efficient when they use the enriched mixture as opposed to whole blood. The device will be tested in two phases: using polystyrene beads and white blood cells spiked with cancer cells.