Oral Presentation Rubric

                                ORAL PRESENTATION RUBRIC




Exemplary 5


Accomplished 4


Promising 3


Developing 2


Beginning 1


Techniques of Introduction


   Polished and refined Introduction

    immediately captured audience



   Speaker masterfully & creatively oriented

     audience attention by defining all important

     terms, establishing high levels of

     credibility, & providing the necessary

     background about the topic


   Proficiently prepared Introduction

    skillfully captured audience attention

   Speaker effectively oriented audience

    attention by defining terms,

    establishing good credibility, &

   providing some background about the



   Well prepared Introduction mostly

    captured audience attention

   Speaker mostly oriented audience

    attention by establishing average levels

    of credibility & providing a little

    background about the topic


   Partial introduction failed to capture or

    command audience attention

   Speaker partially oriented audience

    attention by presenting some

    background information about the topic


   No Introduction

  Failed to orient audience to the topic


Thesis & Preview


  Thesis masterfully narrowed

  Preview masterfully identified main



  Thesis effectively narrowed the topic

  Preview effectively identified main



  Thesis narrowed the topic

  Preview identified main points


  Preview Identified few main points

  Thesis failed to narrow topic


   No thesis

  Couldn't discern main points


Organization of the Presentation Body


  The organizational structure of the

    content was exceptional clear

  Abundant use of compelling and

    illustrative examples, evidence, and/or


  All outside sources and statistical

    information were fully and accurately



  The organizational structure of the

    content was effectively clear

   Numerous and Interesting examples,

   evidence, and/or support

   All outside sources and statistical

    information were accurately cited


   The organizational structure of the

    content was moderately clear

   Average number & quality of examples,

    evidence, and/or support

   Most outside sources and statistics

    information were cited and/or cited



  The organizational structure of the

    content was unclear

   Lacks number and quality of examples,

   evidence, and/or support

   Outside sources & statistical

     information are not cited and/or are

     cited improperly


   The organizational structure of the

     content is barely discernable and/or


   Lacks examples, evidence, and/or


   No sources and/or statistical information


   Content lacks prior planning and/or



Delivery Skills


  Superior volume

  Distinct and clear enunciation

  Superior vocal variety and emphasis

  Lots of energy, facial expressions, body


  Superior eye contact

 Artful use of pauses

  Relaxed yet definite gestures

  Straight and balanced posture

  Expertly conveyed emotions


   Good volume

   Clear enunciation

   Good quality vocal variety & emphasis

   Good facial expressiveness

   Adequate amounts of body movements

    & gestures

   Good eye contact

   Effective use of pauses

  Good posturing

  Skillfully conveyed emotion


  Average volume

  Average enunciation

  Average vocal variety & emphasis

  Average energy

   Average facial expressiveness

   Moderate amounts of body movements

     & gestures

  Adequate eye contact

  Some use of pauses

   Good posture

  Conveyed some emotion


   Low volume

   Poor enunciation

   Little vocal variety & emphasis

   Lack of energy

   Little facial expressiveness

   Few body movements & gestures

   Poor eye contact

  Some vocal pauses

   Poor posture

  Lacked emotional expressiveness


  Can't hear speaker

  Lacked enunciation

   Lacked vocal variety & emphasis

   Lacked energy

   Lacked facial expressiveness

   Lacked body movements & gestures

   No eye contact

   No pauses

   Distracting posture

   No emotional expressiveness


Techniques of Conclusion


   Conclusion expertly motivates and/or


   The conclusion superbly summarized

    main points


   Conclusion skillfully motivated and/or

     inspired audience

   Proficiently summarized main points


   Conclusion effectively motivated and/or

     inspired the audience

   The conclusion effectively summarized

     main points


   Conclusion marginally motivated or

     inspired audience

   The conclusion minimally summarized

     main points


   Lacked concluding strategies or


   No summarization of points


Use of Technology


   Expert quality visual aids and/or


   Expert coordination of visual aids

    and/or media

   Expert variety of media (print, visual,

    auditory, PowerPoint, overheads, etc.)


   High quality visual aids and/or


   Effective coordination of visual aids

    and/or media

   Good variety of media (print, visual,

    auditory, PowerPoint, etc.)


   OK visual aids and/or multimedia

   Average coordination of visual aids

    and/or media

   Some variety of media


   Some visual aids and/or multimedia

   Poor coordination of visual aids and/or

    media distracted audience

  Poor variety of media bored audience


   No visual aids and/or multimedia invited

    audience boredom


Level of Sophistication


   Vivid vocabulary

   Expert use of repetition

   High quality Internal summaries

   High caliber use of evidence


   Precise vocabulary

   Effective repetition

   Skilled Internal summaries

   Effective use of evidence


   Good choice of vocabulary

   Some repetition

   Some Internal summaries

  Average use of evidence


   Some imprecise vocabulary

   Little repetition

   Few  internal summaries

   Little use of evidence


   Vocabulary errors

   No repetition

   No Internal summaries

   No coherent evidence


Impact on Audience


  High levels of audience impact

  The speaker superbly established

   speaker credibility


  Good levels of audience impact

  The speaker effectively established



   Some audience impact

   The speaker established some



  Low audience impact

  Low speaker credibility


   Lacked audience impact

   Lacked speaker credibility


Adapted from National Communication Association

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