Regional School District Planning Board

The Regional School District Planning Board (RSDPB) was created to perform an in-depth study on the fiscal and educational advisability of establishing a new PreK-6 regional school district with Amherst and Pelham and to provide a recommendation to the towns. The six member group is a joint board of the Amherst and Pelham Regional School District Planning Committees.
The Board plans to actively engage the community and perform this in-depth study during calendar year 2018.

Regional School District Planning Board Members

The RSDPB can be reached by email at Please note that all email correspondence to the RSDPB is considered a public record and subject to public records requests. 

Cara Castenson Pelham
Peter Demling,Chair Amherst
Tom Fanning Pelham
Emily Marriott Pelham
Joan Temkin Amherst
Marylou Theilman Amherst

 Regional School District Planning Board Meetings