Meet Our Teachers

Welcome to Fort River!

For the 2018-2019 school year, we have 18 classrooms and a few new teachers!

image of the word "Welcome to Kindergarten" in an array of colors and designs                                                                                                                              
       image of teacher felix                                                                                               

Ms. Ann Shea (kindergarten)        Ms. Deborah Felix (kindergarten)

image of the words "1st grade" surrounded by children, art and school supplies

profile image of ms. laurie hickson         profile image of ms. krista rondeau         profile image of ms. patricia lagrant         profile image of ms. monica bhowmik

Ms. Laurie Hickson (1st grade)       Ms. Krista Rondeau (1st grade)        Ms. Patricia Lagrant (1st grade)       Ms. Monica Bhowmik (1st grade)

image of a cartoon chalk board with the words "welcome to second grade" on it

profile image of ms. emily king         profile image of daniel bodkin         profile image of karem dematteo

Ms. Emily King (2nd grade)             Mr. Daniel King (2nd grade)              Karen DeMatteo (2nd grade)

image of cartoon children playing with the words "welcome to 4th grade"

profile image of ms. kristine griswold         profile image of mr. stephen lott         profile image of ms. susan mooring       

Ms. Kristine Griswold (3rd grade)     Mr. Stephen Lott (3rd grade)           Ms. Susan Mooring (3rd grade)

 image of the words "4th grade" in colorful blocks

profile image of mr. john keins         profile image of mr. zac james early

Mr. John Keins  (4th grade)             Mr. Zac James Early (4th grade)

image of the words "welcome to grade 5" written on a cartoon chalk board

profile image of mr. brian kline         profile image of ms. carrie doggett         profile image of mr. alex schwartz         profile image of mr. jonathan severance       

Mr. Brian Klilne (5th grade)             Ms. Carrie Doggett (5th grade)       Mr. Alex Schwartz (5th grade)        Mr. Jonathan Severance (5th grade)

profile image of ms. alice goodwin-brown

Ms. Vera Goodwin-Brown

image of a tree with green leaves

profile image of mr. timothy austin         profile image of ms. tamera sullivan-daley                     

Mr. Timothy Austin (6th grade)        Mr. Tamera Sullivan-Daley (6th grade)

 profile image of mr. omar almodovar           profile image of ms. deborah sawicki

Mr. Omar Almodovar (6th grade)        Ms. Deborah Sawiki (6th grade)