Fort River Library Volunteer Flavia CunhaThe Fort River Library loves volunteers! You help our library serve our entire community!

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Lani Blechman or call (413) 362-1215.

We always need help shelving books. Fort River students read so much! We need to get those books back on the shelves so they can find them again.

I am also excited to work with you on your strengths, passions, and bringing your family's culture to share in our library. Tell me your interests, and we can figure out a role.

Ready to volunteer? Please fill out the ARPS Volunteer School Placement Form.
(This form asks a lot of questions for student interns. If the question doesn't apply to you, just put in "n/a" or "other". Make sure you note that you want to volunteer in the LIBRARY.) The district requires volunteers to agree to a CORI background check.

Many tasks can be done anytime during the school day. Volunteers help by:

  • Shelving, shelf reading, book covering, etc. 
  • Setting up book displays.
  • Assisting when classes are in the library – helping students look for books and checking out their books, reading to individuals or small groups.
  • Library projects, like applying new labels to books so that students can more easily find them.
  • Sharing folktales, crafts, and art from your family and culture with our students.

FR Library volunteer at work