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Students will bring home parent/guardian schedules for the evening on Thursday, September 27.  The evening will include a chance to meet your child’s teachers. While the time in each class will be brief, it will allow you to hear about the curriculum and course expectations. You will also have an opportunity to meet other parents and learn about many activities and programs available to your children and to you at our school. Open house will run from 6:30-8:00 pm on Thursday the 27th.

Congratulations Crocker Farm! The challenge was given to all the students of Crocker Farm last June that if they could read over 50,000 pages over the summer then Mr. Shea would go up on the roof the school. The students exceeded the goal (57,327 pages to be exact) and so yesterday, with help from the Amherst Fire Department, Mr. Shea walked on the roof. Click here to read the "A Lift for Literacy" article in the Daily Hampshire Gazette. 

Wildwood Elementary is hosting our first student-led Open House
on Wednesday, October 3rd from 6 PM - 7:30 PM.

Your child(ren) will show you around her/his classroom, as well as
around the school. During the Open House the students will be in a leadership role as
guides to their families. In this way they will have the opportunity to explain various
aspects of their lives at school and show you a few beginning samples of their
learning. Part of the tour could include visiting our specials teachers and other staff
members who are an important part of... Read More

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