News From Across ARPS

ARMS students made science/art and math/art connections as they learned about universal human proportions.  During this unit, they learned how to mix tempura paints to create a wide range of skin tones.  Students talked about race, ethnicity, and skin tone, and they reflected on their own identities. Their portraits are displayed in the hallways throughout the middle school.

I would have never imagined that I would be a tutor in an elementary school. While on the job search for something fulfilling where I can use my skill sets, I came across the position of being a reading tutor for America Reads. I've loved reading and have been an avid reader my entire life so why not present the future of the world with an opportunity to share that same passion with me?

I was nervous and excited to start at Pelham due to a lack of understanding about what I would experience. I was unsure about how the students and staff would receive me because of my baritone voice... Read More

On November 7th Pelham celebrated its first multicultural night. During this event we celebrated our international and family cultures through food, art, and music.



All this week at the Wildwood Library students are choosing books from the BOOK SWAP thanks to your generous donations of some really great books.  A book for every reader!

On Monday, November 19th, the Town of Amherst came together with ARPS to celebrate Puerto Rican Heritage Day and to raise the Puerto Rican flag in front of Town Hall.  The The Daily Hampshire Gazette covered the celebration and can be accessed here: We would like to send a great thank you to all the Fort River students and teachers that participated, the chair of the select board, the chair of the Amherst school committee and to the middle school students and everyone who all took part and shared despite the weather. Thank you all!