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A small selection of artwork by 7th graders is on display at both the Amherst and Northampton locations of La Veracruzana for Dia de los Muertos (Nov 1&2).  Students developed unique prints inspired by traditional sugar skulls (calaveras de azúcar) that are associated with the cultural holiday. The pieces honor friends, family members, and other inspirational or intriguing people. If you happen to be in either downtown this weekend, swing in and feast your eyes!  

Visit the Gallery for more photos of the exhibit.

Wave Report - October 2018

In English

and Spanish

On Wednesday, October 31st, students may recognize Halloween by wearing costumes, provided they follow these guidelines:

The regular clothing rules apply. NO masks are allowed. Minimal face paint IS allowed. We need to be able to identify you for safety. NO toy weapons or other dangerous objects. If something is distracting in the classroom a teacher, the Dean or Principals will ask the student to remove the item, put the accessory away, or pick it up from the office at the end of the day.


The Book Swap is Coming Monday, November 26th - Friday 30th Every student receives at least 1 new-to-you book! We need book donations! Please drop-off books to Wildwood School in any of the BOOK SWAP bins. Thank you for recycling!

One of the ways ARMS recognized Hispanic Heritage Month was with a panel discussion on Monday, October 15th. Featured speakers included Massachusetts State Representative Carlos Gonzales and Nicole Concepcion. All students gathered for an assembly that was followed by a small group discussion and a reception with the ARMS Student Voice/Student Council.

Visit the Gallery for more photos from the event.