Feeling at home in Pelham

I would have never imagined that I would be a tutor in an elementary school. While on the job search for something fulfilling where I can use my skill sets, I came across the position of being a reading tutor for America Reads. I've loved reading and have been an avid reader my entire life so why not present the future of the world with an opportunity to share that same passion with me?

I was nervous and excited to start at Pelham due to a lack of understanding about what I would experience. I was unsure about how the students and staff would receive me because of my baritone voice and straight face but I felt at home as soon as I arrived at Pelham. I started off in Mrs. LaPlante's third grade class, then Mr. Scherrer's fourth grade, then to Mrs. Quinlan's fifth grade and Mrs. Light's sixth grade. All four teachers have distinct teaching styles that their classes respond to very well. Some even gave me flashbacks of when I was the age of these kids.

While assisting students in the fifth and sixth grade with reading and writing, I was surprised with my level of patience, The kids were and have been very receptive to me during reading and writing activities. Whether its something small like correcting pronunciation or proofreading essay's.

I have grained a newfound respect and admiration for teachers after being a part of America Reads. It's a thankless job to help mold young minds all while managing personalities.

Akil Pinnock,