School Council

School Council


The School Governance Council is a representative, building-based committee composed of parents, teachers, community members, and the principal.

Specifically, the council will assist the principal in:
1. Adopting educational goals for the school that are consistent with local educational policies and statewide student performance standards
2. Identifying the educational needs of students attending the school
3. Reviewing the annual school building budget
4. Formulating a school improvement plan

The parent representatives this year are  Sarah Frenette, Doreen Reid, and Michael Hayes.  Sarah has one child in third grade and another in fifth grade, Doreen has a child in kindergartenand one in first, and Michael has one child in first grade.  The teacher representatives are Deb Jacque, kindergarten, and Suzanne Quinlan, grade 5. Our community representative is Ron Mannino, who is a semi-retired UMass faculty member, and former Pelham School parent, and very active Pelham School volunteer.

School Council Minutes October 2014.pdf
School Council Minutes January 2015.pdf
School Council Minutes March 11, 2015.pdf

Pelham School Council Meeting Minutes-October 3, 2013.pdf 8.09 KB Pelham School Council Meeting Minutes-November 27, 2013.pdf
School Council Minutes- January 8, 2014.pdf 8.67 KB School council minutes March 6 2014.pdf
   School council minutes April 3 2014.pdf    School council minutes May 1st 2014-1.pdf    Pelham School Council Meeting Minutes-May 16, 2014.pdf