Amherst-Pelham Summit Academy

Welcome to Summit Academy

Summit Academy is located in the quaint New England town of Amherst, MA, in the picturesque Pioneer Valley, which is home to the Mt. Holyoke Mountain Range. Summit Academy is a licensed public day school of the Amherst/Pelham Regional School District that provides students in grades 8 to 12 with comprehensive educational services in a therapeutic setting. Many of Summit Academy’s students have experienced academic, social-emotional or behavioral challenges in a larger public school environment.

In 2017, the school community of Summit Academy chose the name for the school which was derived from the school’s original location at the base of Mt. Norwottuck, one of the many peaks found along the Mt. Holyoke Range.

Summit Academy’s school motto is “Explore Your Path to Success.” Each student has a learning style of their own, and therefore, our school offers each and every student an individualized education plan, based on their academic challenges and strengths, and with a sure steady pathway, they will reach the summit.