Amherst Elementary Schools Rank in Top 25 in Math Competition

Grade 6 students in the Amherst Public Schools recently participatedin the 2010-2011 Mathematics League interschool mathematics competitionwith great success: all three Amherst elementary schools wererepresented in the top 25 out of the 142 participating New Englandschools.

Students in the league compete for the highest scores, while schoolscompete for the highest team score: the total of the top 5 scores ineach school. Each contest's questions cover material appropriate to eachgrade level. At the 6th grade level, students had 35 challenging problems to complete in 30 minutes.

Scott Harvey-Arnold from Fort River Elementary School with a score of33 out of 35 was the top ranked sixth grader in Hampshire, Hamden, andWorcestor counties.

The top ranked individual students out of 710 participants in the NewEngland Mathematics League included Scott Harvey-Arnold #5, NateWeinberg #15, and Maria Mountziaris #30 all from Fort River ElementarySchool, and Ethan Thayumanavan #26 from Wildwood Elementary School.

Team scores were equally impressive.  Fort River Elementary Schoolranked 7th (Scott Harvey-Arnold, Nate Weinberg, Claire Siege, Amy-MeiLynch and Maria Mountziaris). Wildwood Elementary School ranked 22nd (Ethan Thayumanavan, Shira Yeskel-Mednick, Jonah Weinbaum, SarahWennemyr, Paula Fernandez, and Katie King), and Crocker Farm ElementarySchool ranked 25th (Noah Zobel, Emma Mack, Delia McHale, AbigailKleinman-Eddy, Benjamin Gilsdorf and Max Hopley).

Try out one of the problems: How many positive integers less than1,000 are multiples of 4 but do not include the digit 5? (answer: 206)

Last updated May 02, 2011