Wildwood Students Read to Raise Funds

Reporter: Isa Braun

Seven years ago, Wildwood Elementary School Librarian, ElaineDonoghue, realized that she was not able to purchase and sufficientlysupply the school with the necessary books on the budget allotted toher. That year, the book budget was staggeringly cut from $6,000 to amere $1,200!

“I realized that I could never adequately supply the books for the students and staff with this little money,” Donoghue said.

A solution came in the form of student participation. A parentsuggested to Donoghue that they attempt a read-a-thon to raise the moneyneeded and without hesitation the Wildwood Read-a-Thon was born.

Each June, students wishing to participate in the Read-a-Thon sign-upfor the summer program. These students receive a folder containing asheet to track their reading over the summer, pledge cards and suggestedbooks. As they read, they collect pledges from family and friends andwhen school reconvenes in September the library throws a party for allparticipants.

So how much money can reading really raise? The summer of 2011 sawalmost $4,000. According to Donoghue, the students raise between $3,000to $5,000 each summer just by reading their favorite books.

The incentive to read at Wildwood Elementary School is great. The tenstudents who raise the most money and/or read the most books receiveBarnes & Noble gift cards. All students who participate in theRead-a-Thon receive a book hand-picked for them by Donoghue. However, itis not just the tangible gifts that urge students to read.

“I think that the students enjoy knowing they are helping the library and they love to read,” said Donoghue.

Last updated November 09, 2011