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Primary Online Resources
Internet Safety Resources


Students in grades 3-6 are using  Typingclub for keyboarding. 

Here are a some more Free Keyboarding Websites that you can go to for lessons or games. has fun typing games that can be leveled and specific keys chosen. There are a lot of ads, but most of the games are good.

BBC Dance Mat TypingThis is a fun site with lots of engaging animation. It does not track progress, but you can jump in at any level.
Alphatyping.comThis has lessons that you can register for (for free) and a speed test and typing games.
Sense-Lang.orgThis is more “down to business”keyboarding site. You can do their lessons, or put in your own text, orfor more advanced and mature users, BBC News topics.
Typingweb.comIt is a fairly streamlined, though notsuper engaging site. Typing web is an online program that can trackyour level as you go—if you register. You can use it without registeringas well.OnlineTypingGames.comThis website has a large collection of typing games of all levels and subject matter. Lots of ads for other games.

Direct Keyboarding ResourcesThis site has links to many different keyboarding resources (some found above). They are arranged by beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Primary Online Games
Keyseeker is a great introduction to using two hands on the keyboard. Great for K,1.
Starfall has been one of the leaders in non-commercial primary phonics and literacy websites. It has many activities geared towards K-2 students. Recently it opened a paid math area as well.
ABCya has games dealing with Letters, Numbers, and MORE for grades K-5. Most games are fun and have good value. There are some interesting physics based games (Sugar Sugar) and good sorting/comparing/counting (Fuzzbugs for K) that I highly recommend. Tmac gray laundry


Over one week, many thousands of students all over the US spent one hour coding, or programming, computers in different formats, Wildwood students get experience coding with GeoLogo, Scratch, Mindstorms, and Lego Education.

Here are a few online resources for coding we will use as well.

With Scratch, developed by MIT, kids of all ages can program 'sprites' to be animated, react to their environment, create their own video games, etc. Lots of fun for all ages!

Tynker Games
Tynker Games has lots of different opportunities for kids to try different logic and programming adventures.

Hour of Code--Mazes
This site has an introduction to what the Hour of Code is all about as well as fun activities to start thinking about coding.

Internet Safety Resources

As parents and teachers we are charged with the increasinglydifficult task of monitoring our childrens' use of the Internet. TheMassachusetts Aggression Reduction Center is "Providingresearch, education, services and programs  to Education, LawEnforcement, and Human Services in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts." Our ongoing efforts this year will focus on anti-bullying policies and procedures which will include cyberbullying.

MARC's website

We have provided some of their pamphlets below.


Attachment Size avoiding and responding to problems on facebook.pdf 364.97 KB Should my child be online.pdf 100.25 KB texting tips for parents and kids.pdf 337.42 KB When your child is being bullied.pdf 806.59 KB FaceBook Security Settings and Situations.pdf 364.97 KB marc no child left online.pdf 100.25 KB