Bus Schedules

BUS SCHEDULES for the 2018-2019 School Year

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General Information

Peter Crouse
Transportation Coordinator
(413) 362-1852

Office Staff:

Sally Jones, Administrative Assistant

The transportation department operates and maintains a fleet of nine school buses and fourteen school vans. Both the buses and vans are used on a daily basis to transport students to and from school both in Amherst and to outside placements. The department also provides transportation to athletic and cultural events both locally and out-of-state.

We are not obligated by law to provide transportation for students who are not resident members of our districts or live less than 1.5miles from the schools.

Bus routes reverse in the afternoon to allow the majority of the riders to exit the bus as soon as possible, unless road conditions do not allow it. Routes accommodate road conditions, potential turn arounds and under passes in inclement weather.  Students are bused in their district within their school boundary.

Some areas of the bus routes will pick up kindergarten and not grades 1-6, or will pick up kindergarten and grades 1-3 and not grades 4-6. Students are notified when they must be walkers and do not ride the bus.