ARPS Shining Stars

ARPS Shining STAR Nomination Form

What Makes Someone an ARPS Shining Star?

  • Demonstration of STAR criteria (Service, Teamwork, Achievement, Respect) through our core values:

    • Equtiy
    • Social Justice
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Collaboration 
    • Excellence 
    • Respect for Diversity
  • Act(s) of exceptional kindness
  • Demonstration of outstanding teamwork/collaboration
  • Going above and beyond expectations
  • Streamlining procedures or creating efficiencies
  • Any action that stands out as exceptional

Who is Eligible and Who Can Nominate an ARPS Shining Star?

  • An ARPS employee from any school, department, or program is eligible
  • Any ARPS employee can submit a nomination form
  • Nominations are accepted on an ongoing basis and are valid for one school year
  • Employees can only receive one ARPS Shining Star Award per school year
  • Each period, there can only be one award winner from each school, program or department
  • Nominations will not be accepted from:
    • The nominee's direct supervisor
    • A member of the nominee's family
    • Anyone who is not an ARPS employee 

How are ARPS Shining Star Award Winners Selected?

Nominations will be considered by a representative committee (one member from each unit; one committee-action employee; and a representative from Central Office) who will meet three times per school year (October, January, and April) to select the award winner.


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In the space below,  please give an example of  how your nominee has reflected one or more of the STAR criteria--Service, Teamwork, Achievement and/or Respect--to be considered for this award.

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