Policy DJAA: Use of School Department Tax Identification and Tax Exempt Numbers

  1. Tax Identification Number: Only bank accounts and investment instruments (public funds) under the direct control of the Treasurer(School/Town) may use the School/Town Tax Identification Number. NO INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP MAY MAKE USE OF THE NUMBER ON ANY BANK ACCOUNT, INVESTMENT VEHICLE, OR FINANCIAL TRANSACTION.
  2. Tax Exempt Number: The school department’s tax exempt number may only be used for purchases made by and for the school department. No individual may use or benefit from the use of said number nor can the Tax Exempt Status be assigned to or used by any outside entity (to include PTA’s, etc.).

Region Voted to Approve: 8/8/95; Reviewed with no Changes 3/8/16
Amherst Voted to Approve:
Pelham Voted to Approve:
Effective Date: 8/8/95